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Dinner with High School Friends

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I had a wonderful Sunday night. Aside from the wonderful worship service message I heard about possessing God’s promises, I had a dinner with my high school friends at Conti’s Trinoma. I was not able to take some pictures because it was an unplanned event and I was not able to bring my camera.

Okay, first thing first. Saturday evening, around 11 pm, an unregistered number is calling my phone. When I answered it, I heard an unexpected but familiar voice. I was really surprised and happy. It was my high school classmate and friend who is now based in US. She just came back last Friday and was asking if we could the next day with our other friend. I don’t usually go out on a Sunday because of church activities so I told her that I will just follow. They can meet earlier and will join them after our evening service. I realized that I missed her for the years that she was not here and I was excited to meet her again.

Last night, around 7:30 pm, after our evening worship service, I headed to Trinoma. I can’t convinced my husband to go with me so I have no choice but to leave my daughter with him and meet my friends alone. According to him, he was shy to meet my friends. Although, I want my friends to see him and our daughter, I didn’t obliged him to go with me. I respect his decision.

Because of traffic, the supposedly ten-minute travel became an hour. Hay… I was already excited that I kept on moving on my seat, lol! The cab driver might be thinking that I was having a diarrhea.

Finally, I met my long-time-no-see friends. Actually, it was not only my balikbayan friend that I seldom see, but also my other friends because I really seldom go out. We were only four last night. There was one who could not make because she brought home some work and need to finish them. But nonetheless, the dinner turned-out great. We get updated on each other’s lives and it is wonderful to know that all of them are doing good. Although, my balikbayan friend experienced some family-related problems on her first few years in US, it is good to know that she is now OK The other two is also doing great on their own field. It is good to know that now, I have a friend who is a doctor, a bank officer, and a nurse. Our alma mater, Quezon City Scienc e High School, played a big part on our careers now. I wonder about our other classmates and batchmates. How are they after fourteen years?

Aside from the great chit-chat, we also had a great dinner. The food served in Conti’s were great. It was my first time there. I order the Chicken Roulade and I was very satisfied with it. We also order Mango Salad and Cheese Pop for appetizer and Mango Bravo for dessert. I was really full when we decided say goodbye. We planned to meet again before our balikbayan friend return to US.

Mango Bravo

Chicken Roulade


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  1. That was a great opportunity to meet up with your high school friends. I hope I can have that chance, too. I never saw my high school friends again after our graduation. Sigh! By the way, thanks for doing the Spread the Love Award.

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