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DVBS 2010 – God’s Champion

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Today is the official start of our church’s Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS). For the sake of those who are not familiar with DVBS, it is a week-long bible study for kids done every summer. The children will be fetched from different places and will be gathered in the church to study the bible guided by a theme. This year’s theme is God’s Champion. The children will be taught with verses, stories, and new songs related to this year’s theme. On Sunday, these children will also have a graduation rite. Each class will perform a presentation about what their learned the whole week. Those who performed well in the class and have a perfect attendance, will be recognized. And since this is a graduation, parents of the children will be invited to witness their kids graduation.

I always love this summer event because I was once a DVBS attender. I am happy witnessing kids enjoy studying about Christ. Much more, I would love to see my daughter participating in this church activity. I dropped her this morning in our church to attend the first day before I report to office. I just hope that this year, she will have a great time and enjoy the activities. She’s been attending our church’s DVBS for the last two years but either she just slept or she don’t finish her class. I hope this year will be different because she’s older now.

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