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Have you ever tried taking body building supplement? I usually see these kinds of supplements when I visit a gym. Almost all the gyms that I went to has their own body building supplements products. I was told that these supplements are for men who want to build muscles. Well, I don’t think I’ll ask my husband to take these supplements. Muscled men are not my type :D. I am scared of men who has too much muscles on their body like those who join the weight-lifting contests. Their bodies are like full of rocks, LOL! But I love muscled cars. Biased eh?

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11 thoughts on “Muscled Men

  1. Hubby still wants to go to the gym. Sabi nya hinde na daw for muscles, for flat tyan na lang daw. LOL!

  2. same here, ayoko din ng pang bodybuilder ang katawan.. ok lang sa kin yung medyo may muscles, lalo na flat abs lol.. i wish bumalik yung dtaing abs ni hubby..hay naku, ang laki na ng tyan nya ngayon =(

    By the way thanks for being one of my top 10 droppers

  3. There are women also who are muscled. Don’t you notice that they have no more boobs? I think the boob muscle go somewhere else when they body-build.

  4. yes I agree, I would love my hubby to have a little muscle but not that big…

    1. @His Unfailing Love, yup! me too, a little muscle is just right. My husband was taking mass tech (body building supplement) for fast results daw of his workout, but everytime na mag stop/skip sya, balik sa dati ulit. Hayst… stop muna sa ganyan, expensive! the price was equals to my son’s milk: 6 cans of Gain in 1.8kg, magastos…

  5. I wanted for my hubby to be a muscled man kaso huwag na lang baka dumami chicks. Hehehehe

    Mommy, thanks for featuring me. I hope ako din next month. Hehehehe…

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