I Am Conservative

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I am very conservative when it comes to taking medicines and other supplements. Even if I am not feeling-well I don’t immediately take med. The reason behind this is the long-term effect of the medicine on the body. So I am really hesitant to take diet pills even if I know that it will help me shed the fats in my body. But if ever I decided to take try it, I will surely check the reviews of the product just like hydroxycut advanced reviews to be sure that the product does not contain any harmful chemical that has damaging effect on my body. I will also consult a doctor to make sure that the product I am about to take is safe.

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7 thoughts on “I Am Conservative

  1. We are the exact opposite Mommy. Every time I have a headache, I go and drink Biogesic.

    By the way Mommy, I am commenting using my other blog naman. It’s me Mommy Rubz. Ingat!

  2. we are on the same page sis….unlike si hubby ko…he pops a pill like ordinary….iba kasi dito…very dependent yung mga tao sa meds….I would prefer herbal….:)

  3. we are the same Mylene, I’m not dependent on any medicine. How are you?

  4. ay ako din, kase ayaw ko masanay katawan ko na konting sakit lang eh inom agad gamot, kahit ibuprofen ayaw ko pag may lagnat me. naku, inom lang me juice, etc. ay, noon pala un. nung wala pa me anak. now kase di pwede, lalu na pag may work ka pa diba? naku bawal may sakit. waaaah

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