Eggplant Flower

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I actually don’t know the name of this flower. But I really love its color and shape. This flower looks like an eggplant. The plant only seldom yield a flower, and yet, the flower withered so fast. I felt so blessed that one time, I was able to capture its beauty. Beautiful, isn’t?

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37 thoughts on “Eggplant Flower

  1. I would have to go along with the datura nomenclature… Datura metel I think…. they are certainly lovely! Larry

  2. It does look like an eggplant flower, however eggplant’s leaves are wider compared to this one. Datura is more like it.

    Have a great week!

  3. No wonder why you called it eggplant flower because of the color. These is very pretty, I thought it’s petunia but it look bigger than petunia. Thanks for sharing this one like it. Happy Sunday!

    Purple blossom

  4. I think angel’s trumpet is one of the names for datura, and it is poisonous. I love the way you captured the details of the nearer petal in that first shot!

  5. It is beautiful with its trumpet. You mentioned that it might be a datura – if it is wash your hands after touching it as most parts of the plant contain toxic hallucinogens. Some people call it Brugmansia nowadays too. Its probably easier to detect what it is once it has formed its seedhead. I think its a beautiful plant to have despite its toxicity.

    1. Hi Valerie. Probably, it belongs to the family of Datura. I will try to ask my landlady the name of the flower. She owns the plant 🙂

  6. It is very beautiful. Though I can’t see very well in the picture what it is, it seams to be an Angel’s trumpet. In that case, take care, it is poisonous.
    Thanks for the beautiful contribution to Macro Flowers Saturday.

    1. Hi Maia,

      I don’t think it is an Angel’s trumpet. Because the plant also looks like the plant of an eggplant 😉

      Thanks for the visit!

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