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Elegant Wedding Favors

  • Sumo

If this is the kind of wedding favors being given to guests on a wedding, I wouldn’t miss that wedding! This is so elegant that I would want it to keep for a souvenir.

I remember my own wedding favors given during my wedding. It was also fragile but not really that elegant and expensive. It was a mini lamp in gold color to match my wedding motif which was gold and maroon. Boyfriend, who is my husband now, was the one who decorated the wedding favors. We just let Manang taught us how to make the ribbons. Some of my friends who attended my wedding still kept the lamp because when I visit their places,  I still see the lamp on their display cabinets.

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4 thoughts on “Elegant Wedding Favors

  1. I really love the Eiffel Tower wedding favors! My upcoming wedding in August is on a beach without any guests, so we really won’t have need for wedding favors, but my fiancée and I took French together in high school, so those would be perfect 🙂

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