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My Notebook Is In HP Clinic

  • Sumo

Hubby brought my notebook to HP service center yesterday. The notebook will be there until an HP personnel notify us that the notebook is ready for pickup. It is beyond my expectation that the HDD will be damaged so early. Good thing, I haven’t re-formatted yet my old desktop. I can still use it for my work. But since the HDD will be replaced, I will lose all the files that I already transferred to that machine including my office mails. It took me a several days before I finally decided to bring my notebook to an HP SC because I can’t let go of the files. I should have just copied the files and retain the old copies. The files which will be lost also includes the details of the mommies who hosted with me. Blessing, because I haven’t deleted the email copy of the details. I can still retrieve them in my Google mail box.

I hope my notebook will not stay in the service center for long. More importantly, I am hoping that it will be on a better condition.

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