Epson, Maker of Printers

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EPSON is known for their printers. Although it has other products like displays, scanners, multimedia LCD projectors and many other, the first thing that comes into a person’s mind upon hearing EPSON is printer. I remember that it was during my high school days that I first saw a printer.  It was an EPSON dot matrix. This was the printer our Science group used to print our research paper. We were fortunate that time, because we had a group member who had a printer at home. During that time, if you have a printer at home, you were considered rich.

Beyond the knowledge of many people, EPSON printers are not only limited to the usual printers we see at home and offices. EPSON is also one of the leading providers of POS thermal printers, the small printers we usually see in grocery stores, fast-food establishments, department stores and similar places which are used to print our receipts. And recently, EPSON released an addition to its thermal printer family, the epson tm-t88iv. Its speed and reliability suit a high-volume retail environment. Aside from its easy-to-use features, the best thing about this printer is its low-power consumption. This means that it is more environment-friendly than other thermal printers in the market.

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