Fasting Blood Sugar Test

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I had to have my blood sugar checked this morning to make sure that it is normal. Recently, I’m feeling numbness on my right ring finger, one of the symptoms I felt when I had a gestational diabetes more than two years ago. Thank God the numbness is not due to diabetes. My selena gomez pokies fasting blood sugar test reading was 82 mg/dL this morning which was just within the normal range. I am also thankful that The Generics Pharmacy performs blood sugar test using glucometer for just 25 pesos. It is more convenient and a lot cheaper than if the test is done in a laboratory.

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9 thoughts on “Fasting Blood Sugar Test

  1. Its good that you got the the test at your Generics Pharmacy, it would be pricey when you go to the laboratory and the result is just the same.

  2. Maybe you should check online what’s the other cause of your numbness maybe its something else, just to be sure that your fine you know.

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