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Father Is Sick

  • Sumo

My mother texted me yesterday informing me that she brought my father in a clinic. My father was complaining that he felt so dizzy and he was throwing up from time to time. The doctor’s diagnosis was his blood pressure and blood sugar were both high. He was given medicine to lower the blood pressure and was advised to visit a bigger hospital if his dizziness didn’t go.

This morning, my mother brought him to the nearest hospital. They want to admit my father because his blood sugar is high. But their specialist on diabetes didn’t show up so they just gave my mother a referral to check if there is an available specialist on the other clinic. Unfortunately, the scheduled visit of their specialist will still be tomorrow. I told my mom to just bring my father to East Avenue. But since my special brother was left at home by himself, they need to go back to the house to bring him with them and I’ll just pick him up from East Avenue. I instructed my mother that she need to compel my father to see an specialist otherwise, we might need to deal with more complications if his blood sugar didn’t go down.

I can’t do much to help my mother with this because I’m far from them. I sent some money for the medication and consultation fee but I know that it isn’t enough. This is one of the things that If only I can control, I don’t really like to happen. My father’s wellness is not in my hand but in the hands of the Almighty God. I trust that God is in control and everything that happens is for His glory. I pray that in this event, my father will turn his eyes to God. I am hoping that his physical infirmity will made my father realize that sooner or later he will leave this earth and he needs to be sure where his soul’s final destination. In other words, my prayer is that my father will have an assurance of salvation before it is too late.


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