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Disappointed With My New Laptop

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I haven’t even had the chance to brag about it, LOL, and now I can no longer use it! Sigh! I am referring to my new notebook, an HP DV4 Pavilion 2112tx which was bought in Singapore last April by my college friend. Last Thursday, when I shut it down, windows update prompt on the screen. Since we were about to leave for our Bible Research, we just left the laptop on to complete the windows update. The next morning, when I turned on the notebook, it can no longer load its OS, Windows 7. I tried to restore the default setting using the system recovery disks I created but it could not load the System Recovery Manager. Through web research, I learned that I can perform a diagnostic test, so I did. I can’t understand the second part of the result though the first part says Primary Hard Disk completed. Test Passed. So I tried to check if I can contact an HP support online. After several attempts, I was able to access their online chat support. I told the support staff assigned to me what happened and pasted in her chat window the result of the diagnostic test. According to him/her (I can’t identify the gender based on the userid) I need to bring my notebook to their service center for HDD replacement. She/He gave me the contact number of their SC and I called up the number to check if there is an available parts. According to the one who answered my call, the notebook needs to be isolated for three days. I also asked them about my files. They told me that they don’t backup files at SC. I should bring my notebook to an accredited provider to backup my files.

I am not 100% convinced that it is an HDD problem. But I don’t have much options. I am also hesitant to leave my notebook at SC because I heard from a friend that there were reports in forums that when people brought their notebooks in HP Clinic, their notebooks experienced more problems. I don’t know if this is true but for someone like me who just recently owned a laptop (not even fully owned because it is not yet paid), this brings doubt. But as I said I am left with few options. I’ll just cross my finger and pray that my notebook will not get more damage when I leave it at SC.

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3 thoughts on “Disappointed With My New Laptop

  1. Wow, congrats bago pala to, ganda naman. I have a friend who wanted to have a domain sa wordpress, can u still provide for her?

  2. Sana maayos pa sayang naman kabago-bago ng laptop… lam mo yang terms na system recovery, etc. yan ang tinatranslate namin ngayon. nosebleed ako sis 😀

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