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After so many months without a decent camera, God already gave me a replacement. It is not my dream DSLR but a good one for a point-and-shot.  My new digital camera is a black Canon  SX200 IS. Yes, I still go for canon ;).  When I checked its price on the mall, the least that I got was 26K.  But I bought it for much much cheaper than that. I bought it from a store I found @ sulit.com.ph. I’ve been monitoring the price since last month. I am waiting for the price to still go down  waiting for the money I need to purchase it. The more I read the reviews about the camera, the more I want to buy it, lol!

The first reason why I chose this camera is because of its optical zoom which is 12x. I prefer camera’s with bigger optical zoom rather than digital zoom. The second reason is the video of this camera is already HDD.  The third is its Li-On battery.  I am not a photography enthusiast. My only main concern is to be able to capture my daughter’s milestones, important church and family activities.  And of course, photos makes one blogging more colorful and alive.

I thank God for using a friend/officemate so I can buy this camera in advance 😀

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3 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Congratulations on your new camera dear!!Fan din kami ng Canon–mine’s Canon IXYdigital 930IS. I’m looking forward of a lot of photos of you and your family!^_^

    1. Pareho pala tayo Mommy Clang 🙂 Like Canon over other brands, mejo mas expensive nga lang ang Canon 🙂

  2. When we really want something that bad, the universe conspires in our favor, and God has a lot to do with making what we want come true. Congratulations on your new baby! Now, you have all the reason to blog.

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