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It is Mommy Moments day again! The theme today is quite different. Joining mommies will talk about their First Aid Tips.

Here in our house, we have the basic first aid kits which includes, alcohol, Betadine, Band-Aid and paracetamol. Salbutamol nebule and Lagundi syrup for kids are also always available for my daughter’s asthma.100_0018100_0021

Here are some of the basic First Aid procedures that we had performed in the house.

Minor cut – wash the wound with running water. If the bleeding doesn’t  stop, sprinkle someinstant  coffee powder on the wound. We drop some betadine after the bleeding and cover it with band-aid.

Minor burn – we apply ointment for burn. If the ointment is not available, we use the toothpaste.

So far, only these two accidents usually that happen inside our house.

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2 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – First Aid Tips

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience.Atleast I know now what to do when the bleeding doesn’t stop.

  2. Now I know that instant coffee powder can stop bleeding. Thanks for sharing that info. I should have known that a lot earlier, that is, when I accidentally cut Justin’s lower ear while I was cutting his hair when he was, I think, two years old. I was such a careless mommy. LOL!

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