Food Trip Friday #1 – Crouqette

  • Sumo

This is my first time to join this meme. I am not cook diva but I am a good eater, lol! That is the reason why I gained so much pounds for the last three years.

Anyway,  in support of Kaye and Pehpot’s contest, I made a review of the major sponsors. And one of them is Seiko’s Diary. While doing the review, I got the chance to read her Crouqette Recipe. The image she provided made me decide to try her recipe. Not as delectable as her crouqette , but I am happy that I was able to do it. Hubby also liked the taste and asked me to again the same food next time. Next time, I will try not to over fry, Lol!

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7 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday #1 – Crouqette

  1. Thank you Mommy Mylene.You did it very well & yours look so yummy.I’m so glad nagusutuhan ni hubby mo 😀
    Thanks for the visit:D

  2. Welcome to Food Trip Friday,Mommy Mylene!!Croquette is so easy to make–I’m also making a homemade croquette at home.More practice and it’ll be fine^_^

    btw,thanks for always dropping by!^_^Enjoy your weekend dearie!

  3. You cant go wrong visiting Seiko’s Diary, it’s always full of very useful information.
    Welcome to Food Trip Friday and thanks for joining 🙂

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