First Good News Class

  • Sumo

Last Saturday, my daughter and I joined hubby in visitation. I also brought some materials for good news because we had a scheduled good news class in one of our new acquaintances. On our way to the place, we met some kids playing along the roadside. We asked them if we could teach them Bible story, hesitantly they agreed. We looked for a place where they could comfortably sit and listen. Hubby taught the song Lima Ka Tinapay ug Duwa Ka Isda (Five Loaves and Two Fishes) while I taught them the story. I also taught them the Gospel and asked them if they want to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Saviour. All of them agreed and I lead them to pray the sinner’s prayer.

I appreciate the kids attention and friendliness. They were very receptive exactly opposite of their parents who were very aloof.

These were my first good news class students. The girl in pink is my daughter who was sleepy while I was teaching because she didn’t took her usual nap.

We headed to our scheduled good news class afterwards. Unfortunately, the children were still taking their nap. We waited for them for a while but their nap took a bit long that we needed to go and proceed with our visitation.


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