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Afternoon Swimming

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Last Monday we  they had a chance to swim in a nearby beach. It was unplanned. Daughter requested for a swim and we asked the other church dwellers if they want to join. And they did. Well, swimming here is just an ordinary activity since Panglao is surrounded by sea. We don’t need much preparations :D. While the group enjoyed the warm water, I enjoyed taking photos of the sky as its color changed.

These are the people who live in church’s compound. The little girl in pink is my daughter. At her back is my husband.

This is my husband. Notice the color of the sky at his back.

After few minutes in the same spot.

And just before we left…

This is my entry for Skywatch Friday Logo


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  1. What a wonderful family gathering out watching the pretty skies. You live a very pretty area. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit and comment. I had a hard time figuring out to leave you a comment.

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