How’s My Daughter

  • Sumo

My daughter is growing very fast!  In few months time, she’ll already be four years old. She can now reason out and can relate events. Although there are still missing words, her sentences are almost clear and understandable. She can also compose compound sentences too. She is also watchful of the rules being implemented to her and when we, her parents, were the ones who break a rule, she also point that to us. She also redeems all the promises given to her unless she forgets but she is not forgetful. So we never promise that we can’t fulfill or give. Oh well, and her never ending whys.

At her age, she’s starting to show her my-way attitude. She trying to dominate and manipulate the other kids during Sunday Schools. That is the only time she meets and plays with other kids. She always tries to get what she wants and she also tries that to us. She even uses her tantrums to get us but most of the time, her tears do not work. She also starting to ignore our commands and instructions and test if we will just let it pass. But she’s very blessed because we always fail her ^__^

Gone is the tame baby girl who always in Hats to cover her thin hair. What we have now in the house is very active, full of questions and not-so obedient graduating toddler. I can foresee that training her to be an obedient and disciplined individual is a great challenge, a challenge that I am determined to win by the grace of God.

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