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First Post Using My New Machine

  • Sumo

This is my first time to use my new machine to post my entry. The keyboard is kind of awkward because the keys’ position are different from my keyboard. And since I am also downloading the tools I need, the internet speed is crawling. You see, I’m multi-tasking at this time of the day. Well, multi-tasking is not new to me. That is one of the skills I learned as an IT professional.

My fingers are already aching, ( I tried the pre-installed Diner Dash in this machine hehehe) so I really need to call it a day. Aside from that, I will be attending a workshop tomorrow for the Bible Research teachers. Erhm I volunteered last Wednesday to teach on our Bible Research. And I’m praying to be a blessing to my students.

I’m not sure if I can go online tomorrow. So probably, we’ll just see again on Monday. Have a great weekend Everyone. Don’t forget to go to church on Sunday. Bfn.

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5 thoughts on “First Post Using My New Machine

  1. How I wish I am as techy as you are Mommy hehehe..

    Please check out the giveaway at my main blog that you might want to join. Thanks!

  2. glad to know you’re an IT prof mami…my hubby is a computer programmer…same field…ehhehehe!

    good luck on your bible research…have a great weekend to you too!

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