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First Written Exam

  • Sumo

Tomorrow will be my daughter’s first written exam. The scope will be about colors. That was the instruction written by her teacher on her assignment notebook. I am excited and at the same time a little anxious about this exam thing. I don’t know how will my daughter perform on her first exam. I was convincing her to do good so I will have a reason to treat her to her favorite fast food plus ice cream. But actually, she will still have them weather or not she performs well on her exam.  She’s too young to be pressured on this matter. She do not even know what an exam is.

I am not afraid that my daughter will not be able to identify the colors correctly. She is her father’s color identifier. She is the one checking the light of the charger whenever her father is charging the battery of our camera. She is also the one who points on the red chili when her father needs one. What I am worried about is if she do the instructions correctly. She’s not really fond of writing “Xs.” She’s loves the mark with check, match the same colors and encircle instructions rather than mark with “X”. Well, I am hoping the teacher will just opt for the instructions that my daughter will surely follow.

Oh well, it is just a quiz, LOL. No need to make a big fuzz about it. I’d better be sleeping now, because tomorrow will be another long day for me 🙂

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