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Mommy Moments – Rides on Amusement Centers

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mommy moments

Blue Monday

My daughter is a ride fanatic! Whether on real cars and motorbikes or amusement parks rides, it will be surely a hit for her.  But I realized that I don’t have much photo of her while riding. Maybe because it is no longer a big deal for us when she rides. That or we are not camera ready most of the time. If you think we have so much money to spend on rides, you are wrong :)  We only bring her to cheap rides. The maximum fee of the ride should not exceed ten pesos, LOL. The rides in Walter Mart and QC Memorial circle (outside Circle of Fun) fit that price  (only 5 pesos per token) so those places are our usual destination. With only fifty pesos ($1) she can already enjoy so many rides. Fun should not need to be expensive 😉

I also want to bring her to Enchanted Kingdom but I think I still have to wait for a year or two. I don’t think she’ll enjoy most of the rides right now and of course, our current financial situation will not also allow us to bring her there 🙂

So here are her ride photos.

Car rides at Walter Mart North Edsa

Trinoma Animal Ride. It seems that Daddy is the one enjoying 🙂

Time Zone’s Kiddie Rides

QC Circle of Fun Carousel

One thing I admire with my daughter is that she’s not afraid to try the rides unlike her mommy. Do your kids love amusement centers rides? Share with us at Mommy Moments.

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26 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – Rides on Amusement Centers

  1. enjoy talaga ang big animals na yan. pwde rin sa grown ups. ehhehehe
    at least super bonding si baby at daddy. 🙂

    by the way my entry is here and here
    please also leave your comment here for my son’s birthday wish.

  2. its great that your daughter isn’t afraid of these rides.. i remember when Kyla is smaller, she used to be afraid! 😀

  3. Yes, those were the days when I used to ride rides with my daughter, too. Now she’s working already and eventually (but I wish much later), I would go riding again with my “apos”.

  4. looks like your baby is enjoying much. Thanks for the visit and your comment too on my gt post.

  5. I missed joining memes na, hehe! Wala nang time, hopefully pag tapos na ako sa thesis writing…

  6. Ang apat na blogs ko na approve lahat, hehe! This one was approved last week lang. Parang mabilis lahat sa akin… Ba’t sa ‘yo ang tagal??? Can you give me your link? Para ma check ko ang site nyo for payu, hehe parang very good na ano?

  7. Your daughter is so brave! When my son was your daughter’s age, he was so scared of amusement park rides. Maybe the combination of the rides’ movements and the sounds they produce scared the wits out of him. I hope you can visit my entry, too.

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