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Sleepy Head

  • Sumo

My husband and I were having a small talk over lunch yesterday when we noticed that our daughter was silent. When I looked at my daughter sitting beside me, here’s what we  found out.

She was fast asleep on her chair

She’s probably too sleepy.  Her father returned a bit late from their soul-winning activity. Hence, they were also went home late than the usua . Instead of 10:30, she was picked up at almost 12:00 noon yesterday. This is the first time she fell asleep while eating 🙂

The blue? Notice the lining on my daughter’s house dress? It is an aqua blue 🙂
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13 thoughts on “Sleepy Head

  1. How precious! I loved it when my little ones would fall asleep like that! Now, they’re all grown but still precious to me!
    There’s blue in the seat as well!
    God Bless,

  2. She’s a little angel. One of my children also fell asleep one time while at the table. I guess we parents don’t realize how tired they get.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Ay wawa naman si Ska. antok na antok oh. classic sa mga bagets yan. eh dito nga sis kapag ginigising ko sa umaga, nakaharap sila sa lamesa at plato nila pero parehong tulog. HAHA!

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