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Food Trip Friday – Homemade Patty With Malunggay Leaves

  • Sumo

As you know, I am breastfeeding my two-month old daughter. And because Malunggay helps the body of a breastfeeding mother produce more milk, I include it as much as possible in my dishes like this home-made patty. It was just an experiment but it still tastes good 🙂

Don’t mind  the paper towels underneath the patties. They are for the excess cooking oil.



10 thoughts on “Food Trip Friday – Homemade Patty With Malunggay Leaves

    1. Hello Iska,

      I tried visiting your site and tried to leave a comment but I never succeed. It always prompted a not found error.

    1. Ah talaga po? One year na ako dito but I haven’t been to Bohol Coco Farm yet 😀

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