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Humba is a common dish here in Bohol whenever there is a special occasion to celebrate. It will always be in the table of the host. Recently, Hubby is craving for Humba. I haven’t tried to cook this dish yet until last week. I just ask Mr. Google for the recipe and for the instruction how to prepare this dish. Thanks to Panlasang Pinoy for the detailed ingredients and instruction.

I simply followed the instructions and presto, I was able to prepare this dish. But since Hubby wanted the meat to be very tender,  instead of ordinary simmer, I pressure cooked the meat for 15 minutes after I poured the pineapple juice.



7 thoughts on “Humba

  1. I was about to drop my comment on your AdSense earnings post but then I saw this Humba post. LOL! And here I am with this comment.

    That really looks so yummy Mylene. Modesty aside, I also cook Humba even here in UAE. Filipinos here in UAE are just fortunate that leaders here are not that strict in terms of non-halal food items. I never thought of posting my own Humba style also. 🙂 Will do it too soon.

    Great post. Cheers!

  2. I would love to try this recipe. However my husband is not fond of any meals with pineapple juice 🙁 Huhuhu! Visiting from CommEx Sept25.

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