FTF – Onion Rings

  • Sumo

I don’t eat onions. I cannot stomach the sting and the smell :D. But my husband do. So this onion rings are for him.

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23 thoughts on “FTF – Onion Rings

  1. Love onion rings. Studies show that onion can prevent cancer. We also use onions (small red ones) to cure cough. We just chop it in small pieces and squeeze it to get the juice and its strong taste has to be endured. Natural remedies are good for our kidneys and our whole body system.
    Thanks for the visit, sis:)

  2. My favorite thing is to have some french fries, onion rings then a glass of beer on a Friday night and your onion rings makes me drool–lunch time pa lang dito but I’m tempting to open my fridge and have some beer!lol!Love it!!\(^0^)/

    Happy Saturday!!

  3. I don’t eat onions too before but now I do and I love it together with bell peppers, tomatoes and some other fresh spices when put in other foods guess I can eat too with these onion rings.. looks yummy..

    Here’s by the way my
    My FTF: Fresh Fruits should you like to visit me. 😉 I would love to see you there.. 🙂 ~hugs~

  4. Hubby loves onion rings, i seldom do, I should be in the mood hehehe..

    Yung filling ng deviled egg mommy myles madali lang yun.. you just basically crushed the egg yolks then mixed some whip cream or if you prefer mayo then some relish, a dash of yellow mustard, pepper to taste, and that’s it, tapos lagay mo na ulit dun sa egg white… then garnish it with paprika on top. madali lang even kids can prepare it without any hassle at all.

  5. i dont eat onions too, that’s why i never liked onion rings. french fries pa rin for me!! 😀

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