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Food Trip

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The latest regular activity that I look forward to whenever I report to our  office is the girls food trip. On our way home, me and the other girls in the office, pass through St. Francis Square where many food kiosks can be found.  Some of the foods serve in the kiosks include  siomai,  hongkong noodles, hotdog,  takoyaki (veggie ball),  sisig, and many more! . Our favorite stops are in  takoyaki  and the siomai stand.  While we are eating, we usually talk with the attendants about the business.  And we realized that the attendants of the siomai stand are also the owners, a father and son.  The son is  on his early teens,  I supposed,  but he’s  already exposed on running  a business.  And instead of wasting his time on unimportant things, he helps his dad earn.

Owning and running a business is a lot better than being an employee, how small the business maybe.  And the father’s decision to franchise a siomai stand and to place it in a well-populatedarea  is a wise decision.  But it is a wiser move  if he also  avail  a business insurance for their business  as a protection for their investment.

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2 thoughts on “Food Trip

  1. insurance is always a help for those who are in need…. and for everyone, I guess.

  2. I like eating too. My favorite hobby in the world!!

    Missed food trips with people I work with before. It’s been two years since I resigned.

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