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Labor Day

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Next Saturday, May 1, is National Labor Day! This is a regular holiday if it falls on a weekday but it didn’t, LOL!

Labor Day is celebrated to honor and pay tribute to the laborers/workers citizens of our country. But most of the time, it all ends there. There are still several instances of abused employees and abusive employers in our country. Though we have our own Louisiana Jones Act, the Labor Code, the execution of these laws are not strictly implemented and monitored. Only few cases reach the proper quorum. Most exploited employees never seek any professional advise because of lack of money for the lawyer’s fee or because they are not aware of their rights. This is just one reason why those powerful and abusive employers remained unpunished and still exploiting laborers.

Ihope that the next set of government officials will do something about the worsening situation of employer-employee relationship in our country.

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