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Every month, majority of women are expecting their monthly visitor, if not all. You may not understand what I will be talking about if you do not belong to the fair sex. I suggest that you just click other article to read on or if you want to know more about us, women, keep on reading.

Each woman has different way of accommodating this “visitor”. Some are happy of the arrival of visitor and some are not. Some can anticipate the date of the arrival of the visitor because they get the visit almost on the same date of the month. Some could not predict when will they get the visit because the visitor comes in different dates, and sometimes they don’t get the visit for a month or more. Some almost curse this visitor because of the pain it caused them. Other can go on with their day as if the visitor does not exist. I am pretty sure that you already know our common “visitor”.

Monthly period is part and partial of being a woman. Without it, our womanhood is not complete. The start of our menstruation signifies our biological preparedness to bear a child. But of course, bearing a child needs preparedness on many other aspects like emotionally, financially, maturity and other more. Monthly period marks the start of a new stage in a woman’s life.

Many women will agree to me that monthly period is almost a burden especially those who experience Dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is a condition characterized by server abdominal pain during menstruation. Most women experience this but only vary on the intensity of pain. Only few do not totally experience this condition and I am thankful that I am one of those few. Aside from Dysmenorrhea, another there is also a collection of physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms associated with menstrual period. Women are more vulnerable during these days. Some also experienced mood swings and some easily get irritated. On the physical side, it is during this period when women feel more bloated due to water retention.

As I said earlier, monthly period is part of being a woman. It will also stop in its own time. But as along as it visits us, let us face it with preparedness and maturity. I read some time ago that there are specific foods and supplements which can help reduce the effect of PMS symptoms. I’ll probably post that when I dig it from my mail archive. There are also foods especially fruits which act as natural diuretics. These foods can actually reduce water retention, hence, lessen the feeling of being bloated. Most importantly, know yourself and how your body and moods react to the foods you take. In this way, you can keep away from the foods that make you feel more depressed and irritable and from those which triggers more painful abdominal cramps. In result, we can live this period like any other day.

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