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Go Live Finally

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After so much trouble we (the project team) encountered before and during the deployment, our project has finally go live! So much effort were exerted and some personal activities were set aside to meet the January 4 release. Unfortunately, unexpected technical problems were encountered during the deployment and it was already morning (PH Time) so we need  call it a day and resume the deployment the next day. We also consume our holidays working on the last minute changes and add-ons.  But it all worth it! All our hard-work were acknowledge and the best part is, the system that we worked on for several months is now up and being used by stakeholders.  Isn’t that great! As a developer, that is the best reward I can get from implementing a system – seeing my work being used and just not only decay  on the shelf.  This project is a collaborative hard-work, commitment and flexibility of five people including myself.  And one significant blessing I get from this project is that there is no team-member who is a burden :)  All of us worked as expected  and  I enjoyed working with them.

If you get curious about our project you can check it here 🙂 It is a web application whose target readers are doctors and couples who think their family is complete because the web application is all about permanent birth control 😀 I hope this method will also be an option here in the Philippines :)  Mommies, you may want to take a look on their site 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Go Live Finally

  1. Congrats Mylene at natapos na rin ang project mo. Parang nakinita ko ngaragers ka nung holiday because of that. 🙂

    tomorrow na pala announcement ng winners, sana manalo ako hihi.

    Happy New Year and thanks sa help. di ko pa maasikaso yung bagong site mejo busy pa. 🙂

  2. Wow! developer ka rin pala. Ako desktop applications using c#.Net ang mga dine-develop ko but I am already starting web apps using Aspx/C#.Net – costly but powerful and is easier to manage, dunno about PHP.

    By the way, the website looks great! I’m not kidding it is really great – and it’s using .Net technology. It is my dream to start and of course finish a web application as well but since I am not teamed-up with anyone and there are no current web app projects in our company, I guess I can only depend on my self-study to harness my skills.

    I have added your site na pala sa aking blog (baulninoel). God bless.

    1. C# .Net dev din ako. I also started with Windows Application but using Delphi 🙂
      Wala rin akong alam sa PHP, kapa-kapa rin lang 😀

      DotNetNuke ung platform nung project. Content Management System na free 🙂 The design, layouts and images are from the client. Nilapat lang namin. Wala masyadong coding hehehe…

      God Bless too 🙂

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