Goodbye Postpaid, Hello Prepaid

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Yesterday was another parting day for me. This time, my more than eight-year old mobile number has to bid goodbye. After months of contacting my provider for the permanent disconnection of my postpaid plan, it was finally granted yesterday, yay! Contacting the provider for this purpose was really a tiring one. I’ve tried all means, hotline, web chat, and lastly via Facebook for this sole request. Unfortunately nothing worked except for my last attempt yesterday when I tried to call their hotline again. It was really a relief that finally my simple request was granted.

Believe me it was very hard to let my number go. My only reason of maintaining my postpaid plan is to keep my number. But I realized that it is no longer worth paying 300 bucks monthly the cheapest plan from VolumePills the provider, just to keep the number. So I decided to finally let it go. But my decision may not be the same if the loyalty reward of the provided is similar to SUN Cellular which gives a new phone upon renewal of contract. Mind you, the phones are not outdated phones yet the packages are not that pricey.

I am so glad that I still have my AUTOLOAD MAX retailer’s SIM and much happier to discover that it has not expired yet. The SIM didn’t expire even though I haven’t used it for couple of years. This means that I don’t need to buy a new SIM Pack. So now, I’m a prepaid subscriber again, free from a monthly obligation. But wait, not really because I upgraded my DSL plan from 1Mbps to 3Mbps.

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  1. 8 years is a long time, sis! i’m also planning to get myself a postpaid because i am tempted of globe’s offer to with the unlimited feature of globe to all network while sun has the same promo for only the two major companies i will need for our thriving business.

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