Goodbye To My Credit Cards

  • Sumo

I’ve been a credit card holder since immemorial. I owe it to my best buddy during my Trend Micro days. If not for her, I am probably one of those who are still applying for one until now. It is difficult to get the approval of credit card companies if you are not yet a credit card holder. But if you are then applying for another one is easy. The agents would even hunt you and persuade you to apply for their credit card. Ironic right? Those who want and need a credit card get denied. But those who already have one are convinced to get more 😀

At first, I only use my credit card to purchase items which I could not afford to buy in one time payment. But later on, I started using it in paying bills and grocery items, dinning-out, online booking and of course , shopping. I also let my close friends to “ride on” my credit card as long as they pay their charges on time. I realized that it is convenient to use credit cards in these occasions. But whenever I use my credit card, I always take extra cautions because I don’t want to be a victim of fraudulent acts.

Now, I am less afraid of hi tech pickpocketing because I bid goodbye to most of my credit cards. Yes, I used to have four but I saved only one and that is for online bookings and if ever there is a need for one. I will surely miss them but there is no more use to maintain all of them because I’ll have a very rare opportunity to use them here in Bohol. So one is more than enough.

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