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Hinagdanan Cave

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Hinagdanan Cave is one of the tourist spots here in Bohol. The place is less than 18kms. from our place. It was my first time to be there last Thursday and also my first time to see a cave.

This is the entrance of Hinagdanan Cave. There is a Php 10 entrance fee. The driver and a tourist guide is free 😉

It was dark inside  because there was a power interruption when we went there.  Only candles and rechargeable flash light were the source of light aside from the natural light penetrating through the holes.

This is the ceiling. The black dots if I’m not mistaken are bats.

This is the hole where the sunlight get into.

Outside Hinagdanan Cave are souvenir stores. I heard that the cheapest shirt only cost Php 99. I didn’t bother to ask the prices of the items as I don’t have any plan to buy one 😀

If you visit Panglao Bohol, Hinagdanan Cave is a good stop over.
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  1. we have quite a few caves in the United States too and they are always interesting but kind of claustrophobic for me. Great photos.

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