Not A Sporty Type Of Person

  • Sumo

I am not a sporty type of person. I am not inclined to any sport. I preferred to stay at home and read books when I was still single. In short, I’m lazy when it comes to physical activity. The only physical activity that I enjoy doing is walking.

I remember that when gained so much weight, my officemates invited me to play badminton. They have a regular weekly schedule before. Unfortunately, I was not able to give in to any of their invitation. I was always in hurry to go home because of my daughter.

When my hubby’s PE subject was about badminton, we bought a badminton racket. We later on used his rackets during our free time. But since I don’t know how to play it properly, hubby surrendered :D. I couldn’t also play it for long because I easily got tired. And since we were only playing on the street, just outside the compound and we’re not in proper footwear, I was afraid that I would get out of balanced and fall. I was afraid that my ankles and legs would not be able to carry my body weight. But I would be more confident to play it I was on ankle braces and wrist protectors. At least I have something to protect my ankles and wrist from fractures.

But I must admit that I enjoy playing badminton. I love the experience of sweating all over as I very seldom experience it.  The same enjoyment I feel whenever I play with bike. I no longer wonder why many choose to play badminton to shred the excess pounds. I guess if it will be complemented with proper diet, it can be an effective weight loss program.

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