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Panglao is a beautiful place. It is an island surrounded by white sand coastline. But however beautiful it maybe, since I’m didn’t grow up here, there are still things that I missed in Manila.

The very first that I missed in Manila are the people I used to mingle with. I missed my pastor who has been my pastor since I was in elementary.  I missed the people in our church; the church workers and staff, my closest friends – Ate Myra, Malou, Daryl and Ate Babes, my most favorite and admired teacher, Ma’am Bimbi, and the members I used to see and talk every Sunday and Wednesday. I also missed my family, my mother, father and brothers.

Aside from the people, I also missed hearing the choir. We don’t have yet a choir here since we are still few and the members are not yet committed to give their Sundays to the Lord. We are praying that God will open the hearts and mind of the members here that they might understand the importance of Sunday worship service.

I also missed the fresh flower on the altar Sunday after Sunday. I remember that there was a time that it was me and my hubby who bought the flowers from Dangwa and we were also the one who arranged them for the Sunday service.  This was the time I could feast on fresh flowers from the not-so expensive like mumps and roses to the expensive like pink lilies and tulips. What we have here are artificial flowers. I realized that fresh flowers can improve the mood of the church goers.

Obeying God’s will is not easy but obeying God’s will always comes with a blessing. So I’d rather obey God than to stay in my comfort zone suffering God’s chastisement.

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