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Hospital Visit

  • Sumo

My husband rushed me to the hospital early afternoon this day due to severe stomach pain. I was admitted at the Emergency Room for immediate attention. Since I was really in pain (this is the second time I experienced this pain, the first one was
four weeks ago) I was administered with intravenous. All the medicines were injected through the IV for fast absorption. I was also requested to have CBC, Creatinine and Urinalysis.

Tomorrow is my daughter’s scheduled well-baby checkup and we were already in the hospital where my daughter’s pediatrician, Dra. Valdez has a clinic, I told my husband to check if she was in the clinic so our baby can have her well-baby checkup today instead of tomorrow since we were still waiting for the result of the laboratory tests and for the discharge instruction of my attending physician. Good thing, Dra. Valdez was there. Before hubby proceeded to her clinic, he bought a dozen of doughnuts for Dra. Valdez as a token of our appreciation for her kindness. Our previous visit was free of charge because she learned that my husband is an associate pastor. It would also be nice to send flowers but hubby was in hurry. They were not also asked to pay the consultation fee today. Our visit to the hospital hit two birds.

I was diagnosed with ulcer (or probably it was just hyper-acidity) and with urinary tract infection (UTI). I was supposed to be admitted for further observation but since I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby, I was allowed to go home when I requested it. The doctor and ER staffs were afraid that my baby got infected of other patients’ diseases. I was just given a set of prescription which when we checked the price, made me felt to bear the pain. The medicines are truly very expensive. For two weeks, I need to maintain worth 300 pesos worth of medicine daily. For us whose income just meets both ends, this additional expense is really a burden. But we have no choice. We are just thankful that God allowed us to buy the medicines I needed. Well, we have to cut some unnecessary expenses this month so our remaining money will be sufficient for our needs.  Anyway, God provision is always enough and never lacked.

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3 thoughts on “Hospital Visit

  1. Hi sis. Kamusta na pakiramdam mo? Muntik ka na pala ma-confine. Baka sa sobrang busy lumalampas ka na sa meal time. Get well soon and take care of yourself more..

    1. Hello Yam! Oks naman na pakiramdam ko, by God’s grace. Yung gutom ko siguro sa madaling araw na binabalewala ko dahil sa antok ang culprit :). Nakakatamad na kasi bumangon.

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