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House Improvements

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Our house here in Bulacan is not yet fully done. It still needs major renovations and constructions before it can even be classified as decent house :D. I loaned this house from Home Mutual Development Fund or most commonly known as PAG-IBIG when I was still single and until now I am still paying its monthly amortization. The monthly amortization is not that burdensome but if I finish the term which is 25 years, the total amount will be thrice the actual amount I loaned. So my plan is to pay the principal in big amount whenever Ihave an extra budget. In this way, the total interest will be lesser and the years to pay will be shorter.

Since my parents moved-in to this house more than three years ago, there were already fixes and renovations made. The kitchen had no roof (that was the first time I saw a house with kitchen looking up to heaven, LOL), the doors, windows, and cabinets were already rotten, the floors had cracks and the toilet’s bowl was not working. Some of the fixes were shouldered by the developer but majority were charged to us.

I can’t afford to have the renovations and construction done in one time big time manner. I do it little by little. Whenever I have some extra money, I proceed with the most important and needed improvement. For example last year, the money I got from my yearly mutual savings (paluwagan) was used to add a second floor. But even that is not yet fully done. Partitions and ceiling still need to be added.

The next improvement that my mother is eyeing is to change the roof of the kitchen. She wants to make it concrete instead of the current galvanized iron sheets. She told me that the gaps between the kitchen’s roof and wall were used by insects as access to our house. So my plan to add a bath vanity has to set aside first because the kitchen improvement is more important.

Although I have no dream to build a mansion here on earth, I desire to provide my parents a decent house. They are getting old and though I can’t afford to give them all the conveniences and luxuries in life, I want their remaining years here on earth to be less stressful and more comfortable.

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