How To File An SSS Salary Loan Very Fast

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How To File An SSS Loan Very Fast. There is a way to file an SSS Salary loan application without the long lines and waiting. The only prerequisite assuming that you don’t have an existing or delinquent loan is that you must be a registered user of their site. If you haven’t registered yet, you may do so here.

Once you successfully registered, log-on the SSS site using the account you used when you registered. Once you get into the site, click Transactions | Salary Loan.

The next screen would be the salary loan application form. Fill-out the fields and click the Submit button. Presto! You just had your SSS Salary Loan Application filed without the long lines. You may want to see the status of your loan from time to time. You only have to click the same link again to see if your loan application has been approved and the cheque has been mailed.

In my case, my loan was processed for only four working days before the cheque was released. But it took more than three weeks before I got it from the local post office because I didn’t get a notification that I have something to claim from the post office. I took the initiative to check if my cheque has arrived. My consolation was that I didn’t waste a single minute in the SSS office to file my salary loan application.

I hope this post help busy people like me.

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