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Hubby Caught Colds & Cough More Frequently

  • Sumo

Hubby is getting sickly. He often has colds. I am just happy that our daughter does not get infected by his virus. Unlike before that my daughter easily infected. It is more difficult when my daughter is sick. I remember that whenever my daughter is sick, my body is almost giving up too. I am up day & night carrying her on my arms because she does not want her father to carry her.  She could not sleep for long, hence, I could not also sleep more than 20 minutes. So if I have a choice, I’d rather choose my husband getting sick than my daughter, LOL!

Seriously, hubby getting colds and cough often is not healthy. His resistance against common diseases is not in good shape. I am suggesting to him that he take a multivitamin to increase his resistance against colds, cough and common flu. Though I don’t have yet an idea what multivitamin is good for him but for sure he needs one. I’ll just probably ask the pharmacists what is the best multivitamin they can recommend for men when I visit the drugstore in the downtown.


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