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Out of nowhere, hubby noticed my fingers while I was typing. He told me that my fingers no longer looked like swollen or like having edema. He added that this is probably because I am no longer washing our clothes. We are now hiring someone to do the laundry for us.

Hubby is probably right. The reason why my fingers looked swollen before is because they were soaked in water for too long when I do the laundry. The water with detergent also causes my hands to look dry and dull, including my nails. I remember that when I was still living with my parents as “border” – mother do the household chores for me – my finger nails are shiny and my hands, though not as soft as cotton, are callous free.

Those are just good memories of the past. Goodbye to my candle-shaped fingers and callous-free hands. What I have now is a pair of two strong callous hands which God enabled to do the responsibilities and duties of a wife and a mother. But I have no regret. My dull finger nails can be remedied by using a fingernail buffer but the joy which motherhood gives me is irreplaceable. If I will be given another chance to choose between my less-tasks life as a single lady before and my multi-tasks life now as a mother and wife, I will still choose my life now. I maybe tired physically but a sweet kiss from my “border” is more than enough payment for her food & lodging.

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  1. Hahaha oo nga ako rin ganda ng hands ko dati…ngayin no time na for a simple manicure but it’s okay as long as I get kisses from my “border” hehehe

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