I Need a Truck

  • Sumo

Malabon, the place I grew up with, is known for always being flooded, whether there’s a typhoon or not. No ordinary cars could pass when there’s high tide unless it’s a truck. But even so, I consider it my home town and I miss going there. The last time I was able to go back was January 2010. I can’t go there because we don’t have a car to use and my husband is afraid it would rain and we would get stranded. I told him that if ever, I want a pickup truck and not a car so that even if the place gets flooded while visiting my parents, we won’t get stucked. Also, even if we place floor mats for trucks, I think it will be safe from getting wet, unlike if it’s a car.

A pickup truck costs millions so a second hand will do. I hope we’ll be able to buy one so that I can ask my husband to visit my parents anytime.


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