I Wish I Started Saving Early

  • Sumo

If I will be given a chance to rewind something about my life, I would probably rewind the way I manage my finances. I’d probably take spending, saving and investing more seriously. I would make sure that every payday there is an amount allotted for my savings and would not budget my salary just to meet the next payday. I would also take investing seriously. I’d probably start with low risk and low return investment until I could already afford to invest on gold bullion or silver bars.  There was also a time that I got interested with stock trading but because I don’t have enough saving to start with, my interests subside.

It was only when I got married and had a child that I realized that it is really good to start saving as early as possible because it is harder to save when you are already raising your own family. All the income already goes to household expenses, child expense and parents’ support.  But it is much harder to start in the future when we started paying expensive tuition fees. So I think, today is the best time to start saving.  I will always try my best and I will always pray for God’s guidance to help me manage my finances wisely so I can save some amount for me and my husband when we are already old.  How small it maybe, I will always try to keep some amount for our savings. Who knows, I can still engage in stock trading in the future or invest on gold and silver bars.

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