Increase In Appetite

  • Sumo

I don’t know how true with others but to me it happens. I’m referring to the increase of appetite when the menstruation period is near. Just like now, it seems that my appetite is uncontrollable. I’ve been eating from time to time the whole day. Although, I ate mostly fruits, I am sure I’ve gained another pound or two. If the increase in appetite is only periodical like this, which I believe is normal, l don’t think there is a need to take an appetite suppressant like hoodia diet pills. But of course for too anorexic, they might still want take one just to deceive their brains that they are full.

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1 thought on “Increase In Appetite

  1. You’re not the only one LoL I eat more before-during my period. But everything back to normal after it. If you eat more fruits at that time, I demand meat *gosh* I just can’t bear it 😀

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