• Sumo

My daughter is showing signs that she wants to have her own bed. Sometimes, she constructs her own bed using her pillows and blanket. When her imagination is too active, she enclosed her innovative bed with our folding bed which serves as her play house. Are these signals that she wants to be independent at a very young age?!! This is the reason why we usually visit modern furniture shops whenever we go to the mall. We check the shops  if there is an available kiddie bed for her that will fit our budget and our small place.

Ezka while fixing the “door” of her playhouse :D. The towel is her roof. Sometimes she put a cloth on one side of her “door” to serve as her window.


4 thoughts on “Independence…

  1. hehhehehe…ang cute naman ng baby mo sis….:)

    about pala sa tanong mo don sa kitchen ko…nope, that was blackberry jam….:) hubby likes to put butter and jam on his toast…weird!….lol…:)

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