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I have completed the documents needed to submit to School of Tomorrow for my daughter’s moving up to Level 4. I have sent it this morning via JRS Express. Husband and I supposed to send the documents through LBC Express but when we noticed that JRS office was open, we decided to send the parcel through it. It was my first time to do transaction with JRS.

JRS is nearer to our place. It is just two blocks away for where we live while LBC is more than 5 kms away. JRS is also cheaper. Their one-pounder package is just P115 equivalent to Transpack Large of LBC which is P215.

When it comes to facilities, LBC is more sophisticated. Their office in Tawala is air-conditioned and receipts are computer-generated. While JRS office near our place is not air-conditioned and has no ventilation for the customers. The transaction is purely manual. The sender and recipient’s details are written directly to the plastic bag using a ballpen that does not write clearly, hehehe. In LBC, it provides a sticker where the details are written. This is probably why JRS is P100 cheaper than LBC.

The personnel of LBC is formal and in complete uniform while the personnel of JRS is in plain shirt with no ID. If presentation will be the basis, LBC looks more credible, right? But anyway, JRS is more accessible to us so I might as well try to do transaction with them. Hopefully my parcel will be in School of Tomorrow‘s office by tomorrow.

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36 thoughts on “JRS Express Compared To LBC Express

  1. As someone who is dealing with online business for more than 10 years now, JRS is more preferable for us compared to LBC due to a number of reasons. Minsan, ang pagiging istrikto ng LBC ay wala sa lugar.

    Although JRS has no high-tech system, they are far active in dealing with customers than LBC. They always call you to pick-up your package when it arrives at their outlet. Dahil nga kokonti lang ang dumadaan sa kanila na package, mas naaasikaso nila ito.

    Naranasan naming nawalan sa LBC dahil nagkamali ang delivery man. At ang masaklap pa, katakot-takot at napakahabang imbestigasyon bago nirefund ng LBC….It took months..

    We regularly send locally-made leather belts with knives from Bacolod to any point of the Philippines and JRS has been friendly for years, while we cannot send the same product through LBC. We never lost a package with JRS, but experienced once with LBC. We cannot send seeds (coffee, corn, play, etc) through LBC because they are asking a lot of clearances from DA, but no problem with JRS. JRS employees are more accommodating (just a personal experience)… For heavier packages like 50 kilograms and above, we use AP Cargo. They are far cheaper for bulk cargo.

    One last thing. My friend here in Batangas had an argument yesterday with an LBC employee (at Waltermart, Tanauan) because they don’t want to release a Lazada refund unless verified (even though all details are already available. My friend went to another LBC outlet and was able to cash out. Seems some LBC employees lack training.

    I would always recommend JRS, but cannot do the same with LBC…

    1. Thank you for your input ๐Ÿ™‚ Readers will surely consider your comparisons ๐Ÿ™‚
      I also use AP Cargo for bulk packages because they are really cheaper and I can pay the fee when I pick up the package.

      Mapalad kami kasi taga dito lang din sa amin yung taga LBC na nagdedeliver at mabait naman. Yung dati rin taga deliver accommodating din pero yun nga sa business center nila, napapansin ko rin na hindi masyado customer-oriented ang mga staff nila. Pero meron ding branch na mabait ung nag aaccept ng package.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I also noticed that JRS offices are not well-maintained which is quite disappointing. Parang ayaw mong magtiwala tuloy sa padala tsk

  3. I made an online business transaction before living Pinas last July. Their courier was JRS. Next day delivery and the parcel came all the way from Davao. Galing! From Davao to Novaliches. Ok sa alright ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I think JRS have no system like LBC yet. and just like you said, facilities of LBC is better, but based on my experience, ung ibang LBC personnel parang medyo arogante. hehehe.
    JRS naman, we can track the items by calling the branch that will deliver the items for the status and theya re accomodating naman.

  5. I guess for me, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more if I am sure the package would get to the recipient for sure. I have not really tried JRS yet but I did with LBC and satisfied with their service. Here in Manila, I think LBC is more common and accessible.

    1. True sa LBC 18 hour’s LANG dumating NA kaagad sa akin ang PINADALA ng boss Ko NA documents. Kc need Ko kaagad kinabukasan. Peru sa JRS hang gang ngayon hindi parin dumating ang ipinadala ng kapated Ko .

  6. there’s a JRS outlet near our place and I was wondering if I can send my parcels to them once i start with my online store. almost everyone says mura and so far reliable naman. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. My online packages arrive naman even if the shipper used JRS. Sometimes nga LBC takes more than 24 hours even if it guarantees delivery within 24 hours.

  8. Actually, it’s either LBC or JRS when it comes to reliability. Xend and other Manila-based couriers, not so much. Ako I prefer JRS because of the cheaper rates. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Hasn’t JRS been in business longer than LBC? Sayang naman if they won’t be able to automate their system din. As long as the service is efficient, okay na tradeoff na yung hindi aircon na office para sa big savings. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Tama, ok lng din na hindi aircon kasi hindi naman ganun katagal sa system. Ung tracking system na lang sana ung ma improve.

  10. For more than a year of online selling, I can’t remember any bad experience with JRS. Though I agree with you, their facilities, especially the tracking system, is poor as compared to LBC. But JRS has an FB page that customer can turn to in case they need help. Moreover, it’s safe to say that most of the times, JRS stay true to it’s next day delivery policy. As for LBC, I have several bad experiences with them na. But now kasi I am with Xend na and LBC is one of their provincial partners so I have no choice. Hehe…

    1. Yun nga ginamit ko mommy pangtrack, ung Fb page nila. Good thing mejo mabilis din ung response pero mas ok sna kung gumagana ung tracking system nila noh?

    1. Glad to hear that. Pero dun sa Facebook page nila parang ang daming nagrereklamo na ang tagal na daw nung package hindi pa narereceive.

  11. like chin, i’ve also been thinking of putting up an online store pero i was wondering what courier to go to for the deliveries of my products. i guess you’re right, parang mas okay daw ata si LBC. how did the delivery go? nareceive ba ng School of Tomorrow? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Ms. Van,
      Yes, nareceived naman po ng SOT ung package. Actually nareceived on the next day pero hindi agad natanggap nung recipient kasi may inattenan siyang conference. The deliver went well naman po.

  12. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure this will be of great help who are confused as to which courier they should go with. I’ve been using LBC more though, and I am happy with their service. It’s very seldom I get my packages late.

  13. I’d love to know how the delivery went… Hopefully they will deliver on schedule. I like your comparison; very tongue in cheek. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Nareceive naman ung package. Medyo kinabahan lang ako kasi sabi nung tatanggap hindi pa nya narereceive, eh almost one week na since pinadala ko ung package. Yun pala nareceive naman ng guard. Hindi lang masyado responsive ung kausap ko ๐Ÿ™

  14. I’m actually thinking if I want to sell some old stuff online (sulit or my blog) then I have to know the shipping cost and which is better. Thanks for sharing about this.

    1. Hello Chin,

      Mas ok ata ang LBC when it comes to service hehehe tsaka may online tracking sila matatrack mo ung package mo.

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