Jyma Ezriela – The New Addition To The Family

  • Sumo

My little Jyma Ezriela is now three weeks old. Three weeks have passed so fast and she’s growing so fast too!

I am so thankful that despite my condition – I was diagnosed with diabetes few days before I gave birth – my daughter was not that big – the common effect of diabetes during pregnancy – when I delivered her and there was no major problem with her health except for her blood sugar.  But it was immediately addressed. Her blood sugar was low (hypoglycemia). If I correctly remember it, my daughter’s initial blood sugar test result was 50 mg/dL. Her blood sugar was tested three times with three hours interval in between. It got normalized after she was given a small amount formula milk using a dropper.

I am also thankful that in the last three weeks, my daughter has been very cooperative. She’s not a fuzzy baby just like her Ate Sciezka when she was still a baby. She sleeps most of the time and just calls our attention when she wants to be fed and if she’s irritated with the poops on her diaper.

She wakes up at night at most three times but not for long. As long as her need is satisfied, she drifted off to sleep.  I am one blessed Mom, right?

I consider myself blessed not only because my daughter has been a very good girl for the last three weeks but more than that, God gifted me another bundle of joy to cherish. As my husband always says, we are a happy family and now we are happier because of the addition to the family.

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