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Kitchen Wastes

  • Sumo

After several days of blissful moments, I am back now to reality :-p. I have to face the inevitable household chores which were neglected during the church anniversary weeks. The free dinners were over so I need to prepare meals for my boy and my girl. And every meal is the unavoidable dish washing. I have no problem with cooking, cleaning up the table and washing the dishes. What burdens me are the wastes left after cooking and the fragments left on the plates. It burdens me whenever I need to put them inside used plastic bags and tie them very tight before I put them inside the bin. I have to do that to make sure they won’t stink until the next garbage collection and the not-so friendly little creatures like cockroaches will not discover them. It burdens me because I know that plastic bags are not environment-friendly and takes so many years before they finally decompose. But I have no choice at the moment. If only we have a piece of land, I can bury this kitchen wastes to make fertilizers. I usually do this when we still lived in Fairview where we had a backyard. An alternative is an Insinkerator but I wonder if we can afford this one. Conveniences are really expensive :p

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