Late Night Peace

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Obviously, it is already late, but believe it or not, I am still fully-awake. Since it is already late, all of the people living in the four corner of our house are now fast asleep, all except me. The silence of the night is deafening so I logged on to using my husband’s account to listen to some songs. Unfortunately, now is way different from the that I knew and used before. I couldn’t find the collection of songs I bookmarked before and whenever I tried to search there was an ad window kept on popping up. And when I finally found an interesting song, I couldn’t play the entire song, unlike before. The song can only be played for thirty second. This made me feel sad.

So I jumped out of and ask Mr. Google what other sites offer free music streaming. To my dismay, the top sites on the search result do not offer free streaming to our country . Should I get mad to this music streaming companies who offer services to other countries except my country? Nah. They own their company and they can do whatever they want with their company. They can serve whoever they want to serve and offer their products to whom they want to offer them. And if they don’t see Philippines as a market, it is their right and choice. Getting mad on them wouldn’t do me any good but simply ruin my mood. The best thing I could do is close the browser and go back to Mr. Google.

While trying to hit the search button again, I remembered the e-radio station which my husband added to our favorite list long time ago. I tried to access the site and I was so happy to know that it is still working.

I found peace on the songs played and blessed with the message delivered over the e-radio. I find it peaceful to hear familiar hymns, they comfort my soul. Once again, God showered me with spiritual blessings through His message.

If you have time and want to find some peace and blessings, visit Heaven 88.7 FM.

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1 thought on “Late Night Peace

  1. naku mommy, thanks for the visit. pasensya na i skipped MM last week kasi i don't have enough pics of the lil girl with relatives. we're thousands of miles away from relatives kasi.

    haniweys, call me ela instead of mommy nel. nel is my husband. and i am nel's bebi, hehehe. gulo no? nyahaha

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