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We had a chance to visit another church last Sunday. My daughter’s attention was immediately caught by a cute puppy. During our short stay there, daughter just ignored the other kids and chose to be with the puppy all the time. When we were about to go home, she couldn’t let the puppy go. But she also let go of little dog when she realized that we have no where to place the dog. She probably remembered that we don’t live in our own house and we couldn’t bring anyone without the approval of the owner. Aside from that, she does not have yet a pet bed for a puppy.

My daughter is not only attracted to puppies. Aside from a baby brother, she always includes in her prayer a rabbit, cow, sheep, goat and all of the animals she can remember. I’m thinking that she does not only want a pet but a zoo! ^_^

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2 thoughts on “Love For Animals

  1. LOL.. When I read this post of yours, I can’t help but smile especially in the last paragraph..
    Maybe you really have a great relationship with your daughter.

    1. Probably, because we are together 24 hours a day 7 days a week hehehe… She will not even sleep with me cuddling her 😀

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