Love for Basketball

  • Sumo

When we went home to my husband’s place last December, I noticed that there were many sport trophies displayed in one part of their house. I learned that they were my BIL’s trophies and he received them from different basketball competition. I also learned that my BIL loves to play basketball and he actually excels on this sport. He is usually invited by different teams to join their group when there are basketball tournament in their place.

There is nothing wrong with playing basketball. It’s a good sport. What is not right is the making it a priority over it his studies. This is the reason why he stopped on his schooling. He neglected the more important things for basketball.

One time, hubby talk to him to help him realize that basketball could not make his life better. Hubby asked him what he would answer in a job interview if he was asked about his accomplishments. To my dismay, he told my hubby that he would tell the interviewer that he is a consistent MVP, LOL! I could not contain my laugh to his answer.


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