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We Are Going Back to Manila

  • Sumo

but not for good yet. We will just be attending our home church’s anniversary. We will leave on Thursday and be back here in Panglao Bohol on Wednesday afternoon. I am excited to see my pastor, churchmates and friends. And of course, I also want to visit my parents in Bulacan. They are also excited to see my daughter.

It has been 8 months since we left Manila. Honestly, there were so many times that I already want to go back in Manila for good. Life here in Bohol is not that difficult for us. But we, at least me and my daughter, are not used to living in the province. We were both born in city and there are things, places and ways of life that we are accustomed to.

My daughter does not want to return here in Bohol. Probably, she find the place dull, no playgrounds, no nearby McDo and Jollibee, not much kiddie rides, and no big malls. She missed the people that she used to see in church and in Bulacan. She always mentioned their names.

It is easy to back out and return to where we came from. But it is not our will that should be done. It is the will of the Sovereign God who called us here. If we will return in Manila, it is not because we want to but our God is calling us to another place.


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