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My machine at home is giving me some headache. The machine’s performance tremendously deteriorate for the last few weeks. I suspected that I got infected by malicious software (malware) but I’ve already scanned my machine with Malware Bytes for several times and there was no infection found. I am confident to use Malware Bytes because this was also the anti-malware software I used when I got infected with spyware few months ago. It is very powerful in malware removal.

I am trying to pin down the culprit for my computer problem. Even my cd-dvd rw no longer works. Probably, it just need a reformat. I am planning to reformat my computer and re-install everything. My boss promised to give me a free original license of Windows 7 Professional for my home machine. That is a great savings for me since a Window 7 license would cost at least a $100 for home edition. A friend of mine, a former classmate, also promised to give me a license of Windows 7. I am actually expecting two licenses. But I am still waiting for the installers to arrive. The one coming from my boss will be shipped from US so it would take several weeks before I get it. And I have no idea, when will my friend have a time to hand me the installer. I am ashamed to demand :D.

I am already cleaning up my system drive (C) in preparation for my reformatting. I just hope that the softwares arrive before my machine finally gives up.

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